About Fiji

Located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean east of Australia and Vanuatu , Fiji consists of an archipelago of about 326 islands, the biggest four are Kandavu , Taveuni , Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. Only a third of these islands is populated, the island of Viti Levu grouping alone 90% of the population. Of volcanic and coral origin , these islands have mountainous terrain . The highest point is Mount Tomanivi ( 1324 m).

Fiji is a former british colony independent since 1970.

Capital: Suva

Languages: Official : English

Usual : Fijian , Hindi and Rotuman

Area: 18,242 km²

Population: 840,000 inhabitants

Inhabitants : Fiji , Fijian

National currency: Fiji Dollar (FJD )

National Day: 10 October ( Proclamation of Independence of 1970)

Climate: The climate is tropical with a dry season from November to April ( average 30 ° C) and a cool season from May to October (18 ° C). The coasts are subject to the trade winds and frequent rain , sometimes cyclones.